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You can order The best OBD II adapter for iPhone/iPod/iPad: LELink Bluetooth Low Energy from our Gear Store.

Instruction for connecting LELink can be found HERE

Our latest release is Engine Link - OBD II vehicle monitoring and diagnosis for iPhone iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone

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Exactly What I Was Looking For! ★★★★★
by LVWolfman
I'm an amateur photographer doing a lot of outdoor work. As such, dawn/dusk and moon phases, rises and sets tend to be important to me. This app provides quick access to the data I need without wasting my time with eye candy and even does it with a minimum of clicks. Just launching it tells me everything I need about today, for a date in the same month is just one tap away, a day in the next months is 2 taps away...

Twilight & Moon Calendar for planning hikes and backpacking trips.
Best Photo times simulates the position of both the Sun and Moon, helps you determine the best shooting time to compose your pictures based on the direction of the light.

Based on Solunar theory, we created Solunar Table for determining the best fishing and hunting times. Availible on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platform.

The first Hunting Call app on smartphone was created by our team and it was first availible in Appstore back on 02/12/2009. And now you can listen to various of calls on all major platforms.